Fundraiser Auction Info

If you are NEW to our community simply donate the winning bid amount to the GoFundMe - Make sure I have your First Name, Last Initial in the chat in order to mark the lot for you and verify payment.   Payment must be completed within an hour or the lot will go back to auction.  Shipping will be free if you exceed $30 in donations.  

If you are a Regular to our community, a Tab will be started once you win your first auction.  At any time you can ask me what your current total is up too.  Once the stream is done, I will get you all totals. 

If you need to pay with paypal, use the DONATION link on the website and just adjust the quantity to closely match your bid. 1 Quantity for each dollar.  For example if you won an auction for 12 dollars.  Put the quantity at 12 and purchase. 

Thank you all.