AIAB Card Breaks is about community.

AIAB Card Breaks isn’t your typical breaking company.  We are more about building a solid, friendly community rather than trying to make a living doing breaks.  This is a hobby for us as well and want to be part of the hobby, not just another breaker.  We are constantly striving to come up with new and fun ways to do breaks whether it’s be introducing new games, or just breaking products you don’t see anymore.  Above all else, we are about community and family.  Our group is all people that love this hobby and do what they can to help each other find cards they are missing.  Join us on YouTube and see what AIAB Card Breaks is all about.  

Interactive live team drafts  -|-  Breaks are live on YouTube

Let's Get Rippin' - Weekly Show with Personal Rips & Blaster Breaks

Let's Get Rippin' - Back August 7th!

Friday Breaks is something we do during our Let's Get Rippin' show on Friday nights.  These breaks can vary from  quick breaks with 3 random teams per, or larger breaks with a team draft.  We also do all the personal rips of items bought in the Rip Shop on Friday as well.

Baseball Simulation League replaces Monday Breaks.

You read that heading right.  We have had such a blast with our History Maker Baseball events, I decided to turn it into a full-fledged league.  With no sign of baseball starting, I thought it might be fun to do a simulation of the 2020 season.  Live games of the week will be played with History Maker Baseball tabletop game and the other games will be simulated using Out of the Park Baseball 21.  This is a unique combination of digital and tabletop baseball simulation.  League starts June 1st, so get your team now.  Teams are cost rated based on Vegas odds of winning the world series this year.  See all the details on the product page.